IAQTI Indoor Environmentalist – Fundamentals Level

Price: $575

The IAQ Training Institute, LLC (IAQTI) has developed the following IAQTI Indoor Environmentalist  – Fundamentals Level for those not able to attend our programs in person and/or those that prefer an online program or want to take both an online and a classroom course. The course is a mixture of reading assignments, written assignments, audio & video presentations and correspondence with the instructor Joe Hughes and others.

This option is different than most industry online programs where you simply watch a video of the instructor going through power point presentations and then answer a few questions online. Each course is personalized for the individual that signs up. All instruction is overseen by IAQTI President Joe Hughes. The program is designed to be done over a month long period but can be completed more quickly for those with the time to spend on just this program or for those only interested in focusing on particular segments or goals.  There is also a quick exam review option that can be discussed with your instructor.

There are 13 chapters  in the current course manual. Each student will receive a hard copy by mail of the course manuals and will have access to a pdf of the manual online. The online pdf cannot be printed or saved. All IAQTI manuals get regular updates and the Indoor Environmentalist is no exception. The current version was completed in late 2013 although there have been quite a few small updates since then. We are currently in the middle of a large update to the existing course and manual. Those signing up for the existing version will receive a no cost updated version of the pdf when it comes out.

Read the chapters and answer the question/s at the end of each chapter. You can also view or print the Powerpoints for that chapter. We are currently working on adding a video presentation of each chapter which will be located in the same place as the power points. To continue through the course you must click the Mark Complete button for each lesson. You can always go back and view completed chapters again. Any classes you are registered for will appear in your profile page.

The course is currently set up as a correspondence and online version of our IAQA Indoor Environmentalist course. That course is described generally here.

*Price does not include independent, third party Certification Testing Fee. Visit www.acac.org for certification information. Certification of technician/workers is generally not necessary. The Certificate of Completion is normally all that is needed. For more information on mold certifications contact us or check out the IAQTI Guide to Certification.

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