Online Training

Thanks for visiting IAQ Training Online. If you’d like to enroll in an online class and haven’t created an account yet just register for a free account to get started. We’ll be adding more classes soon so check back often! Our online training is different from any you may have taken or seen in the past. We combine all the standard online tools (course manual, power points, videos and quizzes) with customized and personalized curriculum for you! Radio Joe Hughes works with each attendee to ensure their needs are met. Each attendee can also schedule a call or a customized webinar/s with Mr. Hughes. The call/webinar must be scheduled with Joe and it is recommended that it be done in two parts:

  • Introduction – should occur early in your sessions. This may be as simple as a call to get to know each other and determine what the attendees goals include. At this point Radio Joe will also recommend a list of IAQ Radio programs that the attendee should hear to enhance their learning experience. There are almost 500 one hour shows available and it can be tough to decide where to start and what shows to hear. Joe will help you determine which shows best fit your needs.
  • Wrap Up – should occur toward the end or at the end. Put together your list of questions and complete the training with a wrap up discussion with Radio Joe.


Mold Remediation Training

Indoor Environmental Quality Consulting Training

Water Damage Worker Training


What can you expect from IAQ Training Institute’s Online Training?

At IAQ Training Institute we use a variety of online teaching techniques. Most of the classes we offer include a combination of Slides, Videos, Manuals, Quizzes and Personalized Consultation by Email and Phone. In addition, when taking any of our online training you’ll get up to 1 hour of free consultation over the phone with an IAQ Training approved instructor.

Don’t see the training your looking for or have questions about what we offer? Give us a call: 814-754-4808 Or Contact Us via Email