Mold Inspection and Remediation Fundamentals

Price: $179

A fact-based overview of mold in indoor environments. This course gives you the foundation you need to deal with moisture and mold-related issues in a home or building. The course format is what you would traditionally expect in an online training course. It’s a blend of PowerPoint narrated to video with a quiz at the end of each module.

  • Moisture and mold are the most common cause of building-related complaints and health issues. Everyone that lives or works in a building should understand how they can help ensure their indoor environment is dry, mold-free, and healthy.
  • This course takes approximately 4 hours and goes over what mold is, how it becomes a problem, the health effects of exposure, inspecting for mold, and how professionals remediate mold contamination.
  • The course is broken into 14 modules in which you will learn the information you need to help coordinate with others and oversee efforts to inspect for and remediate mold contamination.

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