Mold Remediation Worker/Technician


Course Description:

This two-day program is designed for those performing mold remediation under the supervision of an experienced mold remediation supervisor. The Mold Remediation technician course is a two day introductory program for mold remediation technicians. The course includes classroom instruction on background information, health effects, mold remediation equipment & techniques, personal protective equipment and other safety hazards associated with mold remediation. It also includes hands-on training simulating mold remediation projects using the equipment and materials needed to set up engineering controls and containment for mold remediation projects. This course also helps prepare attendees for the ACAC CRMR(Council – Certified Residential Microbial Remediator) exam.



Two Day Course Rate

*Price does not include independent, third party Certification Testing Fee. Visit for certification information. Certification of technician/workers is generally not necessary. The Certificate of Completion is normally all that is needed. For more information on mold certifications contact us or check out the IAQTI Guide to Certification.


Subjects Covered:

Day One Description

Day one is designed to meet our client’s needs for a mold remediation program that covers current mold remediation guidelines, standards and in some cases/areas regulations. In addition the course certificate of completion documents that workers have been trained on the key concepts for performing safe and effective mold remediation. The first day of the Mold Worker course is identical to day one of the Mold Supervisor course as both need a good understanding of the background information, health effects, equipment, engineering controls, personal protective equipment and other key concepts important to any mold remediation project. On day two workers are separated from supervisors to perform the technician level hands on tasks vital to completing a safe and effective mold remediation.

Day One Topics

  • Background Information
  • Health Effects
  • Introduction and History of Mold Remediation
  • Definitions
  • Overview of a Mold Remediation Project
  • Equipment and tools used for mold remediation
  • Containment Types and Construction
  • Decontamination Chambers and Procedures
  • Contamination Removal (Structure & Contents)
  • Biocides, Antimicrobial & Cleaning Products and Techniques
  • Equipment Care and Cleaning

Day Two Description

Day two is primarily a hands-on day that emphasizes the importance of effective communication and safe work practices. We show techniques and give tips designed to increase productivity while performing safe and effective remediation. The  hands on activities are conducted in an environment that simulates a typical real world mold remediation project. On day two attendees receive approximately five hours of hands on activities utilizing the equipment, processes and materials commonly found on any mold remediation project.

Day Two Topics

In addition to the hands on activities described above Day-Two concepts and activities include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Final Cleaning/Disposal Issues/Clearance Criteria/Project Closure
  • Other Safety and Health Issues
  • OSHA “A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace”
  • Hands on activities include
    • Development of scope of work for worker class containment, etc
    • Air filtration device and HEPA vacuum inspection/maintenance
    • PPE use and care
    • Containment entry and exit
    • Equipment evaluation, maintenance and cleaning
    • Proper use of engineering controls
    • Containment construction
    • Contamination removal
    • Final cleaning process and sequencing
    • Contents remediation
    • Post remediation evaluation

During hands on activities we demonstrate and or have students perform activities such as working with various tapes, poly and fasteners, remediation equipment and engineering control installation, emergency procedures, source, local and full containment design and construction, removing and/or cleaning contaminated materials, decontamination procedures, work area entry and exit procedures, packaging and disposal of waste, final cleaning and removal of containment barriers and equipment.


At the completion of Day-Two, course attendees will take a written or oral 30 question multiple choice and true/false exam. Attendees achieving a score of 70% or better will receive an IAQTI Certificate of completion.